Welcome to Rusty Pig - licensed feasting house

Daytime & evening opening times:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.30am - 3pm 

Thursday and Friday 4pm to 9pm 

Saturday night Prior booking's only!

Tel: 01404 815580


We offer our full 'pig out' breakfast thursday, friday & saturday from 10.00am - 12.00pm or thereabouts.

'No menu' lunches (we make it up as we go along using strictly local produce: 12pm to 2pm

every thursday and friday we will be open for eat in or take away pizza's, Drop in or even better book yourself in for a 2 or 3 course set supper from £25 per head 4pm to 9pm every thursday and friday.

Saturday nights are strictly bookings only.

If You would like to book Rusty pig for a special occasion then we will consider your booking any night of the week, we offer a 3 course set menu from £32 per person (minimum 12 guests).

If your looking for specialist charcutrie, fresh pork products and other tasty specialities, Rusty pig in Ottery st mary is the place to go.

We are passionate about pigs and source all our pork from our own smallholding and other local farms close by that share our passion for ethical farming methods. All our pigs enjoy a natural diet and have the freedom to roam the beautiful Devon countryside.

Rusty pig offer what we believe we offer the best breakfasts lunches and supper table in east devon, using locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients.

if you need convincing, then come give us a try - you wont be disapointed.

we have a real sense of fun and a genuine commitment to supporting local producers and the local community.



  • Cooking Chorizo


    A very tasty spanish style cooking sausage, packed with spices, red wine and garlic.

    6 sausages (500g approx)

  • Rusty Pork Box


    A selection of Fresh Pork.

    Each box (Approx 8kg) contains:

    Roasting hand joint on the bone, Shoulder roasting joint, Gammon joint, Herby loin, Belly, Chorizo, Sausages, Pork Chops, Black Pudding, Bacon.

  • blood pudding t-shirt


    blood pudding t-shirt exactly whats on the picture

  • Lightly Spiced Breakfast


    Our lightly spiced breakfast sausage is perfect for bbq's, toad in the hole or a sunday sausage sandwhich after a big saturday night out!

    6 sausages (500g approx)

  • 10 OINKS


    The pigfect gift idea, buy our Rusty pig coins that can be used in our shop and OUR supper table…..each coin is worth £10 internet price is £10.75 this includes postage weight as the coins are made from solid brass…….a gift that will last forever…..or till you spend it……..oink oink


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